About Us

Dr. Shraddha Shalgar has completed her BAMS in 2009 from one of the finest institute of India, Panchavati Ayurveda College and Hospital, Nasik. She has completed her post graduate Diploma in Yoga and Ayurveda in 2011 from TMV, Pune.

After this she went to Kerala for a prestigious course of Keralian Panchakarma therapies. She has been practicing since many years with excellent results in varities of patients right from skin diseases to cancer or kidney failure. But, her main focus is on management of Metabolic disorders by using Ayurvedic principles. Because according to Ayurveda and other pathies as well, obesity is the origin of many diseases.

Take care of your body,
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An Ayurvedic Consultation at our clinic follows these steps:

Thorough Assessment

This includes a determination of your basic Ayurvedic prakruti and your current health condition and imbalances of doshas and dhatus, a discussion of your concerns and reason for your visit, knowledge about you daily routine ad eating pattern along with lifestyle and jointly exploring your health history and past treatment results.


Then we will analyze the assessment results and compile information to review with you and be used in a collaborative process to plan your health improvement program.


Then recommendations will be offered based on your health concerns and goals, your current condition, and what we think is best for you. Your recommendations are tailored to your unique needs with the intention of assisting you to shift from your current state of imbalance toward your optimum balance. Recommendations may include information and instruction on diet and eating habits, lifestyle, yoga/exercise, meditation and contemplation practice, breathing practices, herbal medicines, and other health improvement practices, as appropriate. Then together, you and we will establish a workable program you can implement to achieve your short term and long term health improvement goals.