Frequently Asked Questions

How Dr. Shalgar’s clinic is different from other slimming centres?

Ans: Dr. Shalgar’s multispeciality clinic is a completely Ayurvedic principles based practice focusing on individual’s prakruti, dosha, condition and other details and not pre-planned protocol that would be followed for everyone in the same manner. We reduce your weight by improving your health parameters and energizing you for rest of your life.

Do I need to fast for many hours?

Ans: Answer is a sure “No”. Because by fasting or eating less, you may lose certain kgs but it will affect you Agni(gastric fire) badly leading to digestive system disorders and you will gain lost weight after resuming prior diet. According to Ayurveda, fasting is advisable in certain conditions and not for all.

Will I look ugly after losing weight?

Ans: Along with diet we are advising you some Ayurvedic therapies like massage with medicated oils, Swedan, Pindasweda, Udwartan, Shirodhara, Sarvanga lepa, Vaman, Virechan, Basti etc. So, you will start looking younger and healthier than before. Any of these therapies will be advised according to your prakruti and dosha. Ultimately, you will gain health after losing weight.

I am overweight but I don’t have any disease, then why should I worry?

Ans: Being overweight itself is a disease which can lead to many other metabolic syndromes like hypertension, diabetes, hypothyroidism and hyperlipidemia. So, you should know the consequences of being overweight. It is knowledge and application which can render a bad thing as beneficial, just as ignorance can convert an excellent item (Good health) to an inferior one.

I do not eat much, but still I am overweight. Why?

Ans: Eating less is not the key to weight loss, but eating right is for sure. Nothing is good or bad. However it is the time, place, individual qualities and circumstances which determine the course and fate of your food. It is our duty to help you know what is right for your health, not only in terms of food but the lifestyle point of view as well.

Is eating salad or raw vegetables good for health?

Ans: The right answer will be ‘not for all’. Because what is good for one person’s mind-body physiology will not always be beneficial for someone else, as there is no any ‘right diet that benefits all people’. Consuming raw foods can strain our digestive fire and decrease our digestive capacity, particularly in someone who has weak digestive capacity. This can lead to poor absorption of nutrients, lack of nourishment to our tissues, imbalance in our body and ultimately illness.

What is Agni? How do I know if my Agni is good or bad?

Ans: Agni or gastric fire is the metabolic energy that helps the body digest food,assimilate nutrients, eliminate what is not required, generate warmth and transforming physical matter into energy that is body’s vital requirement. Agni can be predicted by one’s digestive capacity. Start noticing how you feel after eating different kinds of food, the result may be immediate or on next day. Pay attention and you will begin to notice patterns. This is the wisdom of Ayurveda which will help you to determine your Agni.

What is prakruti? How does it affect my health?

Ans: Prakruti is a Sanskrit word which means the natural form of our body constitution which is decided at the time of development. In Ayurveda, prakruti represents the physical and mental constitution of an individual. Knowing your body type can help you maintain optimal health and also help you lead a balanced personal, social and professional life. We have given some questionnaires to determine your prakruti. The effect of various diseases on an individual depends on the body constitution of a person. And accordingly the treatment also varies. Even the diet and lifestyle of an individual should be regulated in accordance with his/her prakruti.

Why my sugar levels are always high though “I never eat sweets”?

Ans: Only eating sweets do not raise your blood sugar levels. There are some other causes like eating carbohydrates and certain type of food that your body can not digest, sedentary lifestyle, less / no exercise, stress which have tendency to increase blood sugar level. Diabetes is a complicated disease which cannot be managed with only drugs; You need proper counselling, lifestyle management, diet planning and exercise customized for you along with medications.

How Dr. Shalgar’s clinic will help in Hypertension and increased cholesterol?

Ans: In Dr. Shalgar’s clinic we plan medications, diet, therapies, lifestyle management and exercises for each person individually. By improving your Agni, your metabolism enhances the quality, quantity and break down of fatty acids. This will help to generate healthy fat tissue and eliminate unwanted cholesterol i.e. bad cholesterol and thus increasing good cholesterol. Due to this, arterial thickening decreases leading to reduction of pressure by heart to pump blood into the blood vessels i.e. blood pressure.