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Holistic Ayurved Care

Ayurvedic clinic for Metabolic disorders including Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity and Hyperlipidemia (High cholesterol levels).

  • Have you tried everything you heard for weight loss, but still unable to do so?
  • Are you suffering from highly fluctuating blood sugar level?
  • Is your blood pressure on higher note?
  • Is your cholesterol, triglyceride levels on higher range?
  • Do you feel lazy and low in energy throughout the day?

Then you are at the right place.

If you are fed up with all Keto / GM / FAD / Low calories / Low fat / Low carbs diet
and still facing increased weight or uncontrolled blood sugar level or higher levels of cholesterol and BP,
then this is the right time to think in a different way,
The holistic Ayurvedic way.

Something About

Ayurveda is 5000 years old eternal Science which is a branch of Atharvaveda. The principles in Ayurveda can even be applied to current era because they are eternal. Ayurveda has considered every person on individual basis and not commonly like particular human race.

So, the medicines / diet / exercise / yoga / lifestyle management differ from person to person. And most importantly it is crucial to understand that same type of food cannot benefit different people in the same way.

Judge a meal by how you digest and evacuate it nicely, taste is important but secondary to the above. So, try to choose your food wisely after knowing your body type and not on the parameters designed for whole race.

“Unfortunately, everything the experts tell us about diet is aimed at the whole population and we are not all the same.”

- The Scientist Magazine.

So the easiest way to be healthy is to know what your prakruti is. When you start understanding your body, automatically you can catch any change in its routine and so you will come know that if something goes wrong then it may be a beginning of a disease.


Characteristics Vata prakruti Pitta prakruti Kapha prakruti
Body frame Thin, tall Moderate Thick, Strong
Body weight Low Moderate Healthy, Overweight
Skin Dry, rough, cool to touch Soft, oily, sensitive, warm, fair Thick, cool, pale, white, oily
Hair Dry, easy to break, broken ends, curly Soft, oily, early greying, thin Thick, oily, good volume, black
Teeth Big, irregular, crooked Moderate in size, yellowish, regular Strong, white, regular
Voice Fast speech, breaking voice Sharp and cutting Slow, monotonous, deep voice
Sleep Disturbed Less but sound Heavy and sound
Hunger Variable Excessive, unbearable Slow but steady
Thirst Variable Excessive Less
Bowel habit Dry, hard, constipated Soft, oily, loose Thick, slow
Physical activity Very fast but tires soon Moderate Slow with less effort
Memory Quickly understands and quickly forgets Sharp, intelligent Takes time to understand but remembers for ever
Thinking Very changing frequent ideas with no action Precise, logical, good planer and gets plans carried out Calm, slow. Good organizer and completes each task
Emotional tendency Insecure, fearful, anxious Angry, judgemental Greedy and possessive
Dreams Scary, always in motion Calm water, beautiful nature God, temple
Eyes Small, dusky Yellowish, small Big, white and beautiful
Temper Short tempered and forgives in short time Short tempered but holds on anger for long time Rarely get angry and holds on anger for many years.
Walking Fast Medium Very slow
Immunity Low, frequently catches cold and cough Medium not frequently affected by infectious diseases Very good, rarely fall ill and suffer from infectious diseases
Common diseases Pain in body, irregular menses, indigestion Acidity, skin rashes, hair fall Cold and cough, asthma, laziness