Dental Extraction

Dental extraction is a process of painless removal of damaged, traumatized, crowded or compromised bone supported tooth from its bony socket under the effect of local anaesthesia.
Topical anesthesia in gel or spray form is also used to reduce the pricking pain of injecting needle.

Disimpaction of third molar-
Tooth disimpaction is process of painless surgical removal of obstructed third molar which is unable to erupt completely due to an insufficient space in the jaw bone resulting in severe tooth pain. In some cases, teeth other than wisdom tooth also require disimpaction surgery if not erupted properly.

Laser Biostimulation post extraction or Disimpaction surgery-
In this procedure laser energy is used to activate healing factors and vascularity of the wound, it also disinfects the wound by killing the pigmented bacteria. Which results in faster healing. Laser biostimulation relieves the pain immediately.