Dental Implants

Dental implants are the latest trend in prosthetic dentistry these days. Dental implant is small titanium screw like insert placed into the jaw bone to support a crown or removable or fixed denture.
Implant serves the purpose of natural tooth root. After placement of an implant, jaw bone grows around it to form very strong bond with the threads of an implant, the process is called as osseointegration.
Dental implant is a best long lasting solution to replace missing tooth without any side effects on adjacent or opposing tooth.
Indications of dental implant -

Single tooth replacement

Implant is an ideal solution for replacement of single tooth without taking any support from adjacent teeth or gum area.

Multiple teeth replacement

Here multiple individual implants are placed to replace a set of multiple missing teeth.

Implant supported fixed bridges

Whenever patient wants replacement of multiple missing teeth then the treatment cost can be reduced by doing an implant supported fixed bridges. Instead of placing individual implant for each missing tooth, 3 unit bridge or 3 joint crowns are fixed onto the two implants separated by a space of single missing tooth. Middle crown reduces the cost of implant required in that area.

Implant supported over dentures

Implants can also play a significant role in complete denture treatment. Some patients will not be able to wear their dentures irrespective of its perfect contour and designing. These patients always complain of loose fitting denture, such patients are termed as “mal-adaptive” or some patients want their dentures to be fixed. The implant supported denture can be designed for these patients.