Laser Dentistry

Laser teeth whitening (teeth bleaching)

It is the most popular technique amongst youth today. In laser assisted tooth whitening procedure, laser light is used in specific mode to accelerate the reaction of bleaching solution. It gives astonishing results within a very short period of time. Laser bleaching continues for next 48 hours after the procedure hence it is long lasting. Patient acceptance to the procedure is much better because of least sensitivity post bleaching treatment as compared to the other conventional techniques.

Laser gum depigmentation (Gum bleaching)

It is a painless procedure performed onto the gums by laser. Dark melanin pigmentation is removed to achieve normal pink color of gums without affecting the health of the tissue. Laser gum depigmentation is the preferred option by most of the candidates over surgical blade depigmentation.

Recontouring of gums

This is procedure is also termed as Gingivoplasty. It is a small plastic surgery performed to obtain an idealistic proportion of gums to the teeth (Gingival Zenith) by reshaping of gums. In an order to get superior aesthetic result while smiling.

Gum Surgery

Lot of oral conditions related to gums require surgical procedure. Laser will help immensely in such procedures. Laser can provide more esthetic post operative results than conventional surgery. Laser surgical procedure can be done under minimal or no anesthesia, stitches are not required. Post operative pain is very less due to negligible bleeding and minimal swelling.

Laser bacterial reduction (LBR)

It is a painless procedure used for eradication of bacterial infection in diseased gums. Laser energy specifically targets pigmented bacteria and inflamed gums. In most of the cases, LBR can avoid surgical procedure required for the treatment of spongy, red, suppuractive gums.

Management of sensitivity in teeth

Laser light is used in specific mode to get rid of tooth sensitivity in mild to moderate cases. This procedure may require 3-4 sessions.

Oral ulcer management

Recurrent painful ulcers due to stress or certain medical conditions can be managed with the help of laser energy. Laser disinfects ulcer area hence pain reduction and it also increases vascularity which result in faster healing of tissues.


Like ulcer management, Laser light stimulates healing of wounds post surgery or extraction of tooth. Biostimulation relieves pain immediately.

Incision and drainage of major oral infections

Long standing dental infections lead to swelling due to active pus formation, drainage of such infection is quite difficult due to inadequate action of local anesthesia in this area. Laser is used to establish the drainage by incising the tissue under minimal anesthesia.

Frenectomy / Tongue tie

Improper placement of fibrous band of tissue in between inner side of lip and gums or undersurface of tongue and floor of the mouth lead to spacing in teeth, unaesthetic smile and improper speech. Such fibrous bands are easily removed with laser treatment.

Uncovering of third molar or unerrupted tooth

Partially erupted tooth often harbours bacteria beneath gums and gives pain. Laser is used to expose the tooth by removal of soft tissue covering the tooth.

Removal of benign and malignant lesion

Small tumours can be completely removed with the laser. Many a times, small part of such tissue is removed as a sample for diagnostic purpose.