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It is a modern alternative to conventional metal braces. Biggest advantage of Clear Aligner is being transparent and removable appliance hence highly accepted by patients. It can be used for adults, kids and teens.


Metallic braces are most commonly used fixed appliances for correction of malaligned teeth. Metallic braces are still the most efficient system in orthodontics field.


These are also a fixed appliance category braces and are almost invisible on your teeth. These are made up of high grade ceramic material and also offer efficient straightening solution like metallic braces.


Each individual should get orthodontic assessment done at the age of 6yrs. It offers a viable alternative to traditional orthodontic methods.

A myofunctional appliance is an appliance that produces all or parts of its effect by altering the position of mandible/maxilla in conjunction with forces generated by muscular activity of orofacial muscles. It restricts or redirect the growth of upper and lower jaw; and allows nature to establish harmonious relationship between two jaws.

Advantages of myofunctional appliances

  • Elimination of abnormal muscle function.
  • Treatment can be initiated at early age.
  • Psychological disturbances avoided.
  • Less chair side time.
  • Frequency of patient visit is reduced.
  • Probable surgery required in adult age can be avoided.
  • Do not interfere with oral hygiene maintenance.
  • Worn during night so good patient acceptance.


We offer habit breaking solution for following habits.

  • Bruxism- Abnormal grinding of teeth especially at night.
  • Thumb sucking at the age more than 3yrs.
  • Mouth breathing.
  • Nail-biting.
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