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Smile Makeover


Different types of stains and dull shades of teeth are serious concern for many patients today. Tooth whitening treatment is easily available and relatively quicker solution for such problems. Human teeth generally present two types of stains.

Intrinsic stains-

These stains are of developmental origin when the tooth is being formed. These stains are incorporated within tooth structure causing aesthetic problem for an individual. Bleaching has efficiency to remove these stains depending on the severity of clinical condition.

Extrinsic Stains-

These stains are of exogenous origin. Causative factors include coffee, tea, pan chewing, tobacco, stained food, these stains can be easily removed with bleaching. Indications for tooth whitening:

  • - Dark yellow shades of teeth.
  • - Stains due to tobacco, pan, smoking.
  • - Stain due to tea, coffee, stained food.
  • - Few types of intrinsic stains.

Tooth Whitening system include 2 types:

Home Bleach:

This procedure includes preparation of special tray to hold the home bleaching solution in contact with the teeth. A dentist dispenses home bleaching solution into the tray then patient is asked to wear it and go home with the tray on for certain period of time.

Office Bleach:

This procedure is performed by a qualified dentist in dental clinic. Results with office bleach are superior as compared to home bleach. Nowadays laser light is used to enhance the action of bleaching solution for quicker, long lasting results with minimal or no post operative sensitivity.


Veneers are thin shells or laminates made from durable tooth colored material. They are applied over the front surface of your teeth by minimal trimming of tooth enamel to create an attractive, uniform appearance. Veneer is the most preferred solution by celebrities for an unpleasant smile. Indications of veneers laminates:

  • Discolored teeth.
  • Fractured, chipped, badly worn-out teeth.
  • Spacing in front teeth.
  • Crowded malposed teeth.
  • Patients urging complete smile makeover.

Two types of veneers are-

i) Composite Veneers: Composite veneers are made up of tooth colored resin material. They are prepared directly into the patients mouth or indirectly in laboratory by making an impression. They are less time consuming, repairable and relatively less expensive solution.

ii) Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers are made up of high grade porcelain material. They are more durable and extremely polished hence easy to keep clean. This procedure may require 2 or more sittings.


Recent advances in dentistry not only restore functional value but also an aesthetic value of the tooth. Natural looking zirconia crowns are made up of metal layer beneath the ceramic overlay or covering, hence they cannot match the shade of adjacent natural tooth in terms of translucency while, zirconia crowns are metal free crowns made up of high grade porcelain material which can be matched with the natural tooth in every sense.

Different systems in natural looking crown and bridges include-

  • Monolithic Zirconia – CAD CAM
  • a- Natural looking crown and bridge

  • Zirconia layering
  • a-Lava essential.
    b-Lava basic.
    c-Lava premium.

  • Emax crown


Human tooth is one of the structure in body which can not be grown once decayed or damaged, decayed or cracked tooth gives unpleasant feeling to the person whenever he/she smiles or speaks. Modern cosmetic dentistry allows restructuring of such tooth with the help of tooth colored resin fillings commonly known as “COMPOSITE RESINS”.

Nano composite resins are the top quality resin material in composite resin family. They are superior aesthetic fillings mechanically bonded to the sound tooth structure. Composite resins are provided with multiple shades to match the natural color of tooth. Unlike conventional fillings, patient can eat immediately after the procedure no need to wait for the material to harden.

Indications of tooth colored filling-

  • Replacement of decayed part of tooth.
  • To close the spacing in front teeth.
  • To restore the dimension of chipped, cracked, worn out teeth.
  • Patient’s demand to replace old amalgam filling.


This is procedure is also termed as Gingivoplasty. It is a small plastic surgery performed to obtain an idealistic proportion of gums to the teeth (Gingival Zenith) by reshaping of gums, in an order to get superior aesthetic result while smiling.


It is a painless procedure performed onto the gums by laser. Dark melanin pigmentation is removed to achieve normal pink color of gums without affecting the health of the tissue. Laser gum depigmentation is the preferred option by most of the candidates over surgical blade depigmentation.

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