Why Choose Our Ayurveda Services

We are working in the field of Ayurveda since more than a decade. We have treated variety of patients from Covid to kidney failure, allergic rhinitis to cancer, muscle sprain to ligament tear, depression to OCD. The main base of Ayurvedic treatment is to preserve the health of a healthy and then try to treat the person not the disease only. Because focusing on only a disease can treat disease only but will not ensure healthy life. That's why we focus on overall health of the person. And it starts with treating the digestion process as everything begins there.

Our pattern follows certain steps like:

  • 1. Detail case history, which includes everything you do from morning till night. What are your eating patterns, what type of food you consume daily, your working environment, your past and present illness and medical history.

  • 2. Nadi parikshan for complete acknowledgement of your prakriti and illness.

  • 3. Examination like checking your Blood pressure, weight, abdomen or any affected joint.

  • 4. Consultation and counseling after thorough checking, we will guide you, how to live a healthy lifestyle. First you will get to know the reason of the problem you are facing, how to treat the same and what to do to avoid it in future. You will also be able to get the complete knowledge of mistakes you're doing in daily routine.

  • 5. Lifestyle consultation We will guide you to avoid future illness by following a healthy lifestyle.

  • 6. Medicines We will provide you with the Pure Ayurvedic medicines for treating your illness, at our clinic only.

Why Choose Our Dental Services

We at “Dr. Shalgar's Multispeciality Clinic,Pune" We are proud to serve A to Z oral care facilities with most sophisticated and modern equipments. Hassle free, painless dental treatment which goes easy on the pocket of the patient along with complete satisfaction is what we deliver in our day to day practice. With inclusion of modern gadgets like “DIODE LASER”, We have an extra edge in this exploring dental world. We have a team of highly proficient and skilled doctors, who have excelled in various fields of modern dentistry. We believe in standardized and customized treatment plan for every case to obtain best possible outcome. Our foresighted approach without compromising on basic guidelines in dentistry helps to enhance your healthy mesmerizing smile. Last but not the least we value your expectations, compliance and are dedicated to represent astonishing new age dentistry.

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